How to be a Respectful, Good Neighbor!

With National Good Neighbor Day coming up on Saturday, do you believe you exemplify everything it takes to be a wonderful neighbor? If you are respectful of the boundaries between the yards, each others’ homes, and have open communication, then this a great start. Being a good neighbor involves many different aspects, including safety. Wondering […]

Turn Your Second Garage into a Dream Garage!

Do you have a garage attached to your second home? Whether you use it for storage or your many cars, it is important to maintain it so nothing gets damaged or an accident doesn’t occur. Turn this space you may ignore most of the season into the garage of your dreams! Wondering where to start […]

Have a Dirty Home? Clean it with these Tips!

Do you know what the dirtiest places in your home are? Paying attention to these areas can help you maintain a clean home. In addition, you can prevent allergies, injuries, and accidents at home. The last thing you want is for your family or a guest to get hurt due to a messy, unorganized home. […]

Safety First: Home Protection during Hurricane Season

Living in Florida means you must be prepared for hurricane season. This month, the agents at David Dunham Insurance want to make sure all residents prepare for the potential disasters that may come. This can be done with the right home protection and hurricane tool kits. You never know when your home could be flooded, […]

Making Your Vacation Home Feel More Like Home

Thinking about the summer already? Although some days the weather may feel like it, you still have some time to go. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t prepare your vacation home for the fun to come. Whether your secondary home is miles or hours away, you should make it feel like home so everyone feels […]

For a Beautiful Lawn, Mow it Safely!

This time of year in Florida means comfortable weather, sunshine, and enjoying the outdoors! With more people wondering around your neighborhood to take walks or play outside, you want to make sure the exterior of your home looks presentable, safe, and inviting. The last thing you want to happen is an accident due to debris, […]