For a Beautiful Lawn, Mow it Safely!

This time of year in Florida means comfortable weather, sunshine, and enjoying the outdoors! With more people wondering around your neighborhood to take walks or play outside, you want to make sure the exterior of your home looks presentable, safe, and inviting. The last thing you want to happen is an accident due to debris, holes, and other hazards across your yard.

In order to maintain a beautiful lawn even your friends can be envious of, you should first think about the tools you have to do so. Do you have hedge clippers? Fertilizer? A lawn mower? First, you should pull out the lawn mower, but remind your children that this machine is not a toy. Most lawn mower injuries occur when the operator is distracted. Here are some tips to follow to help prevent accidents:

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  • If you have a push lawn mower, your children should be at least 12 to operate it. If you have a driving lawn mower, your child should be of legal driving age to maneuver it.
  • Always wear sturdy shoes, such as working boots, while mowing.
  • Before mowing the lawn, pick up toys and stones that could fly in the air if rolled over. Also, make sure those who are outside stay clear of the mower as you cut each section of the lawn.
  • Do not mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary, and always look behind you.
  • When turning off the mower, wait for the blades to stop completely. Only then should you remove the grass from them.
  • Do not allow children to ride as passengers on driving mowers.
  • Keep your lawn mower in good condition by maintaining it each season to make sure it works correctly.

A healthy lawn is not only beautiful, but it also can help you preserve the value of your home. As long as you keep on a schedule with mowing, watering, feeding, and weed control as well as knowing your grass type, you should be able to maintain the cleanest yard in town! In addition, if you feel you require more protection for your unique residence, then [astCompanyName] can help. Our homeowners insurance happens to be our absolute specialty. This policy can act as a safeguard for your home against unexpected incidents and events. So set you up bright and promising future with our support today!