Have a Dirty Home? Clean it with these Tips!

Do you know what the dirtiest places in your home are? Paying attention to these areas can help you maintain a clean home. In addition, you can prevent allergies, injuries, and accidents at home. The last thing you want is for your family or a guest to get hurt due to a messy, unorganized home.

It can be difficult to identify which areas in your home need to most work, especially if lots of places are dirty. However, these spaces being dirty should not be a reflection on you as a person. Sometimes other activities come out of nowhere, and priorities need to be set. Freeing up some time to devote to cleaning your home can be beneficial to everyone’s safety. Here are some tips to follow when tackling the dirtiest places in your home:

clean cleaner cleanest

  • Cabinet handles and doorknobs are use constantly in your home, meaning they potential have tons of germs on them. Make sure to wipe these items regularly with antibacterial wipes.
  • Your bathroom is probably dirty often because it is used a lot. This is why when cleaning it, you should be extra meticulous and use lots of scrubbing bubbles. This can reduce the amount of germs your family is exposed to.
  • There is always lots of foot traffic on the kitchen and bathroom floors, so make sure to sweep and mop these surfaces regularly.
  • If the ceiling fan is covered in dust, this could be bad for everyone’s health. Make sure to clean it off carefully and safely.
  • Sinks can become very dirty and if not cleaned, they can contaminate food. This is why you should thoroughly clean the sinks in your home to prevent illness.
  • Vacuum your carpets to eliminate dust mites and keep the air clean.
  • When everyone takes turn with the remote control, this can pass germs around quickly. Make sure hands are clean when using it and have wipes on hand to disinfect the item.

At David Dunham Insurance, we hope these tips help you remain organized as you clean your residence. It is important to remain organized so you don’t get into any accidents along the way. In general, your household should be your gateway to a bright and sunny future. To ensure this for you and your family, having home insurance may help. We understand that you face some unique risks, but we can find you the coverage you need to safeguard you from these.