Making Your Vacation Home Feel More Like Home

Thinking about the summer already? Although some days the weather may feel like it, you still have some time to go. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t prepare your vacation home for the fun to come. Whether your secondary home is miles or hours away, you should make it feel like home so everyone feels comfortable and safe there.

Is your vacation home in the perfect spot? It may feel like paradise, but that doesn’t mean it is risk free. Being prepared for the unpredictable is one way you can make your second home feel like your primary residence. Here are some other tips to make this space feel inviting to anyone who enters:

Secondary & Seasonal Home 4.1

  • Try bringing your bedding from home. Having your own sheets, blankets, and pillows can make the room feel more comfortable.
  • If you know you will be heading to the beach upon arrival, bring along the right gear. Having all of the swimming essentials can make the trip more fun and go smoothly.
  • Bring along towels from home. If you can’t remember whether you have them in stock at the second home, don’t assume. Take extras with so you won’t run out.
  • Do you enjoy interior design? Then decorate this home with some personal touches. Putting up framed photos or your kids artwork can make any room more inviting.
  • A way to make your secondary home feel more cozy is with some home cooking. But this requires the essential kitchen tools and gadgets. Either by multiple sets or take the ones you use at home with you so you can make your family’s favorite dishes.

You are traveling to your vacation home for leisure, so the last thing you want to feel is stress. Make everyone happier by having creature comforts surrounding you. At David Dunham Insurance, we believe your second home requires just as much protection as your first home. Let us help ensure you are getting the coverage you need our special policies. We can create a plan that allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation home instead of worrying about all that could happen to it.