Security Essentials so You can Relax at Your Vacation Home

Need a vacation now that it is the end of the summer? Then venture down to your seasonal home! Whether it is located near the tranquil beaches, busy city, or fun amusement parks, you should find time to relax before school starts again. However, if you don’t have an alarm or other security essentials installed for protection, your alone time could be filled with more chaos than you know.

It is important to keep safety in mind, whether you are home or away. However, since you have a second residence, you should make sure it is secure too. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent damages to your vacation home:

Secondary & Seasonal Homes 8.19

  • If you have newspapers or magazines delivered to your vacation home, make sure they are mailed only when you are around. If they start piling up in front of the door, potential thieves will know you are away and could take advantage of an empty home.
  • If you are concerned about your second home while you are back in your primary residence, ask a friend or neighbor to sleep there. This way, if an emergency occurs, you will be notified immediately.
  • Do not share online where or when you will be away from either home. This could put your homes more at risks for being vandalized.
  • Make sure to always lock the doors and windows properly, whether you are home or out on an errand.
  • Install an alarm system that works for the format of your property, and not based on price.
  • Your lights should have timers and motion detectors in order to convince outsiders you are home, even when you’re not.
  • Keep your spare keys hidden so no one can break in.

At David Dunham Insurance, we understand that your second home needs are just as important as your first home. This is why we hope these tips help you keep this property secure no matter what. If you feel you require more protection, let us take care of you with our secondary and seasonal home insurance. This special policy can take into account how old the home is, how often it is used, and time spent unoccupied. You should be relaxing and unwinding this summer. So let us help you create a plan that provides you with some peace of mind!