The Security, Improvements, and Priorities that go into Your New Home

Are you a first time homeowner? Having a new place can be both exciting and scary. You have entered unknown territory where you may not know about the security measures in place, the improvements that have or need to be made, or what priorities you should establish upon moving in. Instead of feeling stressed out, stay organized so you can transition smoothly and efficiently into your property.

If you are seeking warmer weather, lots of diversity, and fun activities all around, then moving to Florida was a good choice! However, if you come from a place that does not have the same amenities, then you may have to make alterations to your lifestyle. In addition, you should be aware of the different risks you could face if you live along the coastline. Here are some tips to keep in mind as a new homeowner:


  • Do your best not to spend a lot of money on furniture or remodeling. Since you have already donated a large amount of your paycheck to the down payment, closing costs, and moving expenses, it is smart to save some money for when you need it most.
  • Upon moving in, focus on what needs to be fixed or repaired. This will save you lots of headaches in the future, as well as prevent potential hazards.
  • Make sure to notify family and friends of your moving schedule, new address, telephone, and other important information. You should also send the same information to your insurance agency.
  • Create a list of reliable people who can perform every jobs around your home, such as plumbers, contractors, landscapers, maids, babysitters, and more.
  • Develop an emergency plan with your family. Since the state experiences flooding and hurricanes, it is important to discuss evacuation routes and have an emergency kit on hand.

At David Dunham Insurance, we hope these tips help you understand why it is so important as a new homeowner to be educated about what you are getting yourself into. We would also like to guide you through this journey by helping you understand the risks you could face. Having home insurance from us can help you develop a stable and successful future. We will figure out how much coverage you need and for what risks. Let us design a policy to protect you today!