Turn Your Second Garage into a Dream Garage!

Do you have a garage attached to your second home? Whether you use it for storage or your many cars, it is important to maintain it so nothing gets damaged or an accident doesn’t occur. Turn this space you may ignore most of the season into the garage of your dreams!

Wondering where to start on such a project? Here are some tips to keep in mind, but you should always be safe when conducting any type of home project:

New Home

  • If you haven’t been to your vacation home in some time, check the rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door to make sure air isn’t being released or that small animals cannot enter.
  • Regularly test the sensors to be sure they stop if something is in the way.
  • Clean the floor of the garage by using a hose to prevent slip hazards and stains.
  • Inspect interior and exterior walls and the foundation for moisture and cracks.
  • Watch out for pest invasions. If you discover any since you were last at your second home, call professional exterminators for an inspection and treatment.
  • Check the lock on your garage door to make sure that it locks correctly.

After organizing and cleaning your garage, you should make sure your family practices garage safety. The summer can be filled with unpredictable moments as you venture to the beach, to the soccer field, or out shopping. Although you have some important items in your garage, such as toys, swim gear, and your vehicles, some other objects may be dangerous to small children and guests. The last thing you want to happen is an injury or accident on your property. If you feel you require protection for such mishaps, then you may need our secondary home insurance. This policy contains all the coverage you could want so you may relax at the place you enjoy spending your vacation time!