Warning: Floods and Mudslides could Damage your High Value Home

As you know, living in Florida brings about lots of rain. What else comes with wet weather? Flooding, mudslides, hurricanes, and other types of natural disasters. However, depending on where your home is located, you could be sitting right in the middle of flood areas. So what can you do to remain safe when unexpected storms roll through?

Did you know recently many residents have suffered from major destruction due to mudslides? Recently, a mudslide carrying more than 3 feet of sludge destroyed a Clermont home. The homeowner described the scene, saying that once she opened the front door, mud and water came pouring out. Mud covered the entire house, including the backrooms. The disaster occurred due to the strong storms that came across Central Florida, triggering flash flooding on State Road 50. In addition, the storm drains were not made to hold as much flooding as what occurred that day, resulting in even more damages.

Floods and flooding of roads in Steyr, Austria

Luckily no one was injured in the scary event, but now the family is looking to relocate to a different home. It is important to note that the residents were confused about the next steps to take in the insurance process. What do you think you would do? At David Dunham Insurance, we are here to guide you through the process so you may find peace of mind and be comfortable at home again after a disaster.

If a mudslide affects your home, you not only require high value home insurance, but also regular homeowners insurance along with a separate flood or mudslide policy. We understand that your high value home means the world to you, so you would do anything to protect it. So would we. Give us the opportunity to design a product that will affordably protect your residence from covered incidents. We can analyze your living situation and risks in order to determine the package you need to stay safe in the state of Florida.